Pre-Valentine’s Day 

Mixing for up Hallmark’s favourite holiday by sharing a caramel apple rather than a box of chocolates.

We have class together from 6-9 on the 14th in the philosophy of human sexuality. Romantic, right? No.

This class is ironically uninteresting. You’d think it would be very eye-opening and informative but some how the prof manages to make it very boring. A few weeks back we discussed what it means to be a woman, which should be a topic that leads to lots of debate and logical chitchat among the class. In reality, we all sit in silence playing games on our phones and scrolling through Instagram.

What makes such an interesting topic so boring? The prof defining every single word an an extremely complex manner, making even less sense than the dense article he found the term in. It’s like he was bullied for being dumb in high school and is now over compensating, trying to make himself sound smarter.


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